Analog HD 720P Camera

AVT-AH720 - 1

Various and powerful application programs are designed for your successful business. It is well fitted for your access control and time & attendance management to be safety, cost-effectiveness and centralizing.

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AVT-AH720 - 2

Avalet Technology launches ATF-2 model of its popular BioAccess Time attendance recorder. ATF-2 is powered with advanced features and come with quality & service assurance form Avalet Technology.

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AVT-AH720 - 3

IClock2000 are multi-media identification terminals, which were designed and produced based on the platform of multi-media ZEM500---the leading figure in biometrics field. 8" TFT series products adopt SVGA(800*600).

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AVT-AH720 - 4

The new technology has many potential applications (some of which are already in use) such as an ultra secure system for ATMs and banking transactions, a PC, handheld, or server login system, an authorization system for front doors, schools.

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AVT-AH720 - 5

Delicate exterior, LCD with four lines display, digital keyboard very convenient to input numbers. Its transaction storage can reach 80000 records; can be hung on the wall; developed on the basis of LINUX platform.

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AVT-AH720 - 6

FBAC 4545 is a standalone fingerprint T&A system with optional simple access control. It is built on Linux operation system and DP UrU4000B sensor. The identification speed is fast and FFR and FAR are low.

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AVT-AH720 - 7

Built with algorithms with systematic dependability, accuracy, fingerprints identification improved obviously, identification speed is 3000 templates/second, FBAC 5454 is a product with elegant design case.

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